Growing food “The Russian Way”

During times of low solar activity heading into a new era of Global cooling one should seek the very best information with regards to survival, we all need sustenance to energies our metabolism and go about the “recovery” period.

 Millions of Russians commute to rural dacha gardens from May to September. While some Russians do have a garden by their primary home (ogoro), many more commute an hour or more to reach the family’s dacha garden.Working with an average space of 6 sotkas (600 square metres, or about 6458 square feet) and a growing seasons of less than 120 days north of Moscow, Russian dacha gardeners (dachniks) provide half of Russia’s food supply by working hard, making the most of what they have, and generously sharing the bounty with one another.

The following article Written by Barbara Pleasant Takes us through the several very interesting methods used, inclusive is a small video actually taken in a dacha Garden.

Lets go to the dacha


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