Valentina Zharkova (Wave amplitude)

Today we  review and take a look at the Wave Amplitude graph produced by Prof Valentina Zharkova and her team of Scientists.


First we look at the graph and see “the medieval warm period” dated as 1400-1530 approx, there are several dates given for the Medieval warm period 950-1250, 800-1400 seem to be the years cited by many outlets, the above suggests 1350-1530? I see no connection to the MWP around these dates. However we did see a peak in temps around 1500 + 1720 during the colder period after the medieval optimum, LIA, see below.


This peak is visible in the Zharkova graph (G1) but does not depict the MWP. We then see from the graph (G2) another peak around 1720 that does not fit in the graph of Zharkova in (G1), as these peaks were of similar strength (1500+1720) expectations would be; the Dynamic strength of the Wave Amplitude should be similar in (G1), they are not, peak in 1900 fits the Zharkova graph modern Maxima (G1+G2).

The wave Amplitude in (G1) “reduction in wave amplitude” fits the Maunder Minimum of 1645-1715 above, However the Dalton event of solar cycle 4-7 does not fit (1790-1830 or 1796-1820).

Let us take a look at the Graph with all the details i have overlaid below. (G3)


Note the Maunder does fit, however the wave amplitude suggests weaker cycles from 1715-1770, 40 years prior to the Dalton. Overlaying the solar cycles onto the Wave Amp graph indeed does suggest cycle 25 will be the start of the Eddy Minimum lasting at least 5-6 cycles before an increase in wave Amplitude around 2100 however does not suggest a second Amplitude crossover (cancel out) as we seen during the late 1700’s, solar cycle 25 will be a positive magnetic polar north.

Looking at the cycle progression (sunspot graphs) we can also see that there is no obvious connection in wave amplitude and strength of the cycle, as 3/4/8/9/11/18/19/21 cycles were the strongest cycles, however (G1) suggests 3/4/8/19 were not the strongest in wave amplitude.

We should not therefore associate sunspot groupings or cycle magnitude with the “WAVE AMPLITUDE” as this is a very poor fit, However there is an obvious long term correlation to a weak and strong wave Amplification over the last 700 years of reconstructed observations, that show cyclic behaviour of the Toroidal and Magnetic fields, moreover the reconstruction suggests a “cancellation” around solar cycle 26 commencement around 2030 (± 3 years), although there is some differences in Dates within (G1) it does not take away from the overall progression of reconstructed wave Amplification which could take place at cycle 25/26 leading to a significant reduction in Plasma density, speed and dynamic pressure leaving the corona, resulting in significant reductions in land and sea temperatures. Of course as with every reconstructed scientific theorems we need to see the results play out, if indeed they do then this is a major leap forward in the understanding of solar cycles and magnetohydrodynamics, we must also correlate Land and Sea temperatures to this theory also as the connection must be valid with all the other feedbacks of  solar activity, Sunspots, Plasma wind density, speed, Proton Flux, F10.7cm flux, Coronal mass ejections, flares etc must all be connected to the Wave Amplitude.


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