Parker solar probe

The sun’s searing heat has made a mission into the star’s atmosphere impossible until now.The surface of the sun is 10,000°F, but its outer atmosphere—the corona—soars to some 3.5 million degrees Fahrenheit.

“This temperature inversion is a big mystery that no one has been able to explain,” says Nicola Fox, project scientist for the Parker Solar Probe, the NASA mission that aims to finally get close to the sun.

NASA announced that for the first time in its history, a spacecraft is being formally named after a living person—previously known as Solar Probe Plus, the Parker Solar Probe was renamed for Eugene Parker, the astrophysicist who discovered solar wind in 1958.

The mission is made possible by a shield constructed from a carbon-carbon composite, which will keep the probe’s instruments safe in the 70-degree range. Launching as early as July/August, 2018, the probe will make 24 orbits of the sun. It will get within four million miles of the star with the gravitational assist of seven Venus flybys.


That’s close enough to find answers to the sun’s other big mystery: what creates the solar wind, the charged particles that accelerate from the sun and wreak havoc on Earth’s electrical systems.

Will this be a key in understanding climate connections to solar activity? indeed if the Parker Probe finds strong correlations to the connection of the Sun/Earth weather and climate connections, a massive debunk of a climate being driven by a trace gas as CO2 may be well established.


Winter 2017/18

After following patterns of the PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation)  the AO (Arctic Oscillation) and the ever present AMO (Atlantic Multidecadal oscillation) it is noticeable that there is a positive feedback occurring, although the PDO has shown to be a slow formation November seen the SST around the North east coast of the Pacific cooling significantly,


There Arctic Oscillation is also leaning towards a negative trend enabling troughs of cold arctic air to negate southwards, the Uk and Europe are already feeling the effects of this northerly blast with temperatures plummeting  during and throughout November, this Polar Vortex southerly drift will carry through to March/April bringing significant frost and snowfall to the UK, Southern/Central USA, Norway Sweden,Denmark, Russia, and Europe.


The El Nino Southern Oscillation is forming into La Nina 3.4 and is currently at watch status, however the consensus is that indeed La Nina will develop late November early December, as all the precursors are now in “Active” stage with all the feedbacks required; winter of 2017 has developed significantly early with record Snowfall and sub zero temperatures being achieved in the Northern Hemisphere, flooding in the Southern Hemisphere will result in crop losses, drought will be a factor in Indonesia, India, parts of Australia and south east Europe.

Several areas of seismic and Volcanic activity need to also be considered in the North Pacific Basin, (Aleutian Islands) Turkey Iran and Iraq and of course Indonesia (Bali), and the swedish borders.

In closing this could be a winter that people perish due to freezing temperatures reductions in nutrition as the transport network will be severely affected young children and the elderly will be affected the most, common sense prevails and travel should only be undertaken if it is absolute necessity,

Simponi hopes

Hi all

Well after years of suffering from AS(Ankylosing Spondylitis) I have finally been recommended for the TNF treatment Simponi, first injection 20th Feb 2014. Now I have read the pro’s and cone and to be honest have been frightened to hell, I have also done months of research into the stats of reaction to the drug ranging from sight reaction to death! And have concluded that if this treatment gives me respite from this nightmare of a disease it is a risk I must take.

I have read that many peoplecommenting on the drug state that the effects of Simponi wear off in the fourth week, but surely three weeks of being pain free is better than four weeks of hell, I will post regular updates to  my blog stating the relief I get, feel free to join and share your experiences.



He still wakes in terror

Remembering back to when I was a mixed up arrogant twenty something year old, laying watching the moon pass around my bedroom window, I can still here the loud moaning; almost screaming coming from my Dad’s bedroom. I hadn’t heard this before I thought he was having a fit or something, it went quite so I settled down and went to sleep. Over the next few years I heard it several times a month. I knew my Dad had been in the 2nd para in world war two and thought it couldn’t be associated with the war as it had been forty years since.
One day I asked him about his night terrors and was shocked when he told me; he had been sent on a mission to capture a prisoner of war camp and free the prisoners, I could see by his expressions that it still caused him a lot of pain and was uncomfortable talking about it, I cannot write the contents of the conversation we had as my father asked me not to, all I can say is when he came HOME he nor many of his comrades that Lived sleep much!!