Simponi hopes

Hi all

Well after years of suffering from AS(Ankylosing Spondylitis) I have finally been recommended for the TNF treatment Simponi, first injection 20th Feb 2014. Now I have read the pro’s and cone and to be honest have been frightened to hell, I have also done months of research into the stats of reaction to the drug ranging from sight reaction to death! And have concluded that if this treatment gives me respite from this nightmare of a disease it is a risk I must take.

I have read that many peoplecommenting on the drug state that the effects of Simponi wear off in the fourth week, but surely three weeks of being pain free is better than four weeks of hell, I will post regular updates to  my blog stating the relief I get, feel free to join and share your experiences.




2 thoughts on “Simponi hopes

  1. Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog, Carla’s Corner. Good luck with Simponi. I really liked it, my issue is that you take it every month and for me it didn’t quite last that long. On my blog, there’s a page called Simponi Synopsis where I chronicled my experience with the drug and several other people have left their experiences as comments as well ( I really wish you the best.


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