He still wakes in terror

Remembering back to when I was a mixed up arrogant twenty something year old, laying watching the moon pass around my bedroom window, I can still here the loud moaning; almost screaming coming from my Dad’s bedroom. I hadn’t heard this before I thought he was having a fit or something, it went quite so I settled down and went to sleep. Over the next few years I heard it several times a month. I knew my Dad had been in the 2nd para in world war two and thought it couldn’t be associated with the war as it had been forty years since.
One day I asked him about his night terrors and was shocked when he told me; he had been sent on a mission to capture a prisoner of war camp and free the prisoners, I could see by his expressions that it still caused him a lot of pain and was uncomfortable talking about it, I cannot write the contents of the conversation we had as my father asked me not to, all I can say is when he came HOME he nor many of his comrades that Lived sleep much!!


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